Understanding U.S. Documents Masterfile: 1774-2019

U.S. Documents Masterfile is your one-stop resource for American public and political documents from 1774 to 2019. It simplifies the process, through extensive integration of more than 30 historical indices, many linked to full-text targets.

From the earliest records of the Continental Congress through contemporary federally-funded research data, U.S. Documents Masterfile brings it together.

New Interdisciplinary Discoveries

Bibliographic coverage from 1774-present.

Government-wide documents compiled into one easy source.

Search from a variety of terms, including SuDoc numbers & microfilm locations.

Making Sense of Gov’t Documents…

Researching U.S. federal data is challenging, even for experts. Documents are disorganized and difficult to pinpoint. Less than 45% of all U.S. federal publications come through the U.S. Government Publications Office (GPO).

U.S. Documents Masterfile is the only outlet offering a single search for indexes and records for nearly 250 years of U.S. federal government information — with GPO and Non-GPO materials.

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Enhanced Search…

Advanced searching methods bring new layers of authority to your research.

The Enhanced Search feature in U.S. Documents Masterfile expands your search results by simultaneously searching related terms such as, synonyms, word endings, and antiquated words of the same meaning.

More than Documents…

The U.S. Government has provided the funding for millions of research studies ranging from the feminist progression in Italian films to neurogenesis. For many the challenge is how to find these well-sourced studies.

U.S. Documents Masterfile brings together a vast array of federally-funded research for those studying biology, economics, engineering, the arts, political science, or anthropology. The coverage is vast and ever-growing.

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What Our Customers Say ...

U.S. Documents Masterfile is a unique resource for government information librarians. Moreover, it is designed by people who know the idiosyncrasies of historical finding tools and how to bring them together via a seamless interface. - James Gillespie, Johns Hopkins University
U.S. Documents Masterfile saves me about 100 hours a year just in finding SuDoc numbers. - Kathy Edwards, Nevada State Library and Archives
By aggregating all the major historical and current indexes to federal documents into one product, Paratext has created an unrivaled tool for comprehensive bibliographic access to U.S. government publications. U.S. Documents Masterfile addresses this need, and greatly simplifies the process. - Diane Smith, George Mason University

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